Most awesome psychological facts?

Discover the Most Fascinating Psychological Facts!

Gaurav Sharma
2 min readMay 15, 2024

The world of psychology is a treasure trove of captivating insights into the human mind and behavior.


From the quirks of perception to the mysteries of memory, psychological research has revealed numerous astonishing facts that shed light on the complexity of our inner workings.

  • If we have a plan B, our plan A is less likely to work.
  • Fear can feel good — if we’re not really in danger.
  • “Catching” a yawn could help us bond.
  • We care more about a single person than about massive tragedies.
  • Beginnings and ends are easier to remember than middles.
  • It takes five positive things to outweigh a single negative thing.
  • Food tastes better when someone else makes it.
  • We’d rather know something bad is coming than not know what to expect.
  • We always try to return a favor.
  • *source-Yandex
  • When one rule seems too strict, we want to break more.
  • Our favorite subject is ourselves.
  • There’s a reason we want to squeeze cute things.
  • Our brains try to make boring speeches more interesting.
  • Some people enjoy seeing anger in others.
  • We automatically second-guess ourselves when other people disagree.
  • We aren’t as good at multitasking as we think we are.

The realm of psychology is a treasure trove of captivating insights that continue to unveil the complexities of human behavior and cognition.

These remarkable psychological facts offer a glimpse into the intricate mechanisms that shape our thoughts, emotions, and interactions.



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